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Greek Mastiha

My real love of Greece besides the intoxicating yogurt is the mastiha (pronounced “mahs-TEEKH-hah”) liqueur. Oh this is a real beauty. From 6000 BC, mastiha has been used as a precious digestive.  It is made from sap of the Mastic tree.  The tree “cries” sap tears, which fall to the ground and become crystallized nuggets.  The ancient Greeks chewed the eucalyptus-scented mastic to freshen breath and clean teeth.

The mastiha liqueur, made from the sap, has a fresh, evergreen scent with aromas of buttery pine and juniper berry on the palate.  I found it a refreshing sweet treat served straight up out of the freezer as an aperitif, think of it as the Greek version of limoncello (but no lemon flavor of course).  Though my mind usually begins to scheme combinations with chocolate, this nectar is too dominating to combine with cacao and I found it best in fluffy nougat and chewy candies.

To try it yourself go to Mastiha Shop

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2 Responses to “Mastiha!”

  1. jenna says:

    Oooh, yum! I’ve been to the Mastiha shop in Athens, but I’ll have to check out the NY location.

  2. Ivy says:

    I love mastiha and use both the liqueur as well as the resins both in sweet and savory recipes. My last post has mastiha in it.

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