Bianca Paired with Hot Donuts

Donut dip Bianca Paired with Hot Donuts

Bianca Paired with Hot Donuts

It is always such an inspiration to see what others create with Vosges Haut-Chocolat products. It is like sending your children into the world and enjoying the wonderment they find in their own journeys. I had just such an experience last year at the Peninsula hotel in Chicago.

The Peninsula is a splendorous hotel and my favorite in the city. A touch of Vosges Haut-Chocolat history… in the nascent years we had a boutique tucked in the corner of the lobby. During that time, I made the acquaintance of some of the staff and over the years, I have grown very fond of the hotel manager Ms. Zec, who is a personal inspiration.

When the hotel opened, the pastry chef at the hotel was a buoyant, tall and stout German man, Chef Ralph, who had a love of Fastnachts (German doughnuts) and Bianca hot chocolate.  During a visit just days after the Peninsula had opened in Chicago, I had a tasting with the executive chef and chef Ralph. Our the union was solidified. I was lucky enough to find that he had indeed included my Bianca Couture Cocoa in a most splendid presentation. He served the white chocolate, lavender and lemon myrtle drinking chocolate chilled alongside hot German donuts. The combination was a perfect mignardise pairing.

Ever since, when I am sipping Bianca, I dream of those hot donuts. And, during the rare occasion that I splurge and nibble some fried dough, it no longer seems complete without a sip of Bianca.

You might try this Sufganiyot doughnut recipe and fill them with tart cherry jam, not too sweet to pair with the Bianca. My favorite jams usually lie in California in the hands of June Taylor.

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