The Root to Bar Quest

cacao the birth2 The Root to Bar Quest

The Root to Bar Project
The power of manifestation has once again proved if you dream it, say it, write it and believe it — it will become your reality.

Today, in this moment, I feel a dream has come true. Before I started Vosges Haut-Chocolat I knew I wanted to have a creative, change-the-world type of business that allowed my loves and inspirations to create something special.  Somehow along the way, I found chocolate and knew it was to be my medium for storytelling and certainly an agent to change the world.  My mantra, we can bring peace to the world through chocolate was set ablaze. Putting a statement like that out into the ether carries a heavy weight on the crazy one who says it; for now, they must execute. And so, with every decision I make, it is evaluated; is this decision making the world better?  Opening Minds to New Ideas through Chocolate, Green Purchasing Oath, Ingredient Selection, Charity Affiliation, Message, Story….

cacao seedlings The Root to Bar Quest

(pictured above: criollo seedlings in nursery for planting)

Through some supreme act, I was connected to a group of people with similar missions that are born from the heart and for the earth. In the southern part of Belize lies 100,000 acres residing from the rainforest to the sea. 3,000 of those acres are dedicated to my beloved cacao.  We are actually planting the virgin land with cacao in a project I like to call the root to bar quest. 300 acres have been planted thus far and every day more are going in. We’ve had agronomists galore helping analyze the current varietal stock and soil conditions to help us determine how we can plant exclusively, organic, Belizian criollo and trinatario varietals.

Over 32,500 seedlings have been planted in the nursery already, with the majority of the farm being criollo. The impact of this farm of origin project is to celebrate the production of the finest chocolate, coffee, vanilla and spirits that can be made at the source. There is a luxury eco-lodge with an agro-tourism educational center examining the creation of these artisanal crops (chocolate, coffee, vanilla and distilled spirits).

This year we will have our first small crop of about 1,000 pounds which will be a great starting point in evaluating the finished chocolate profiles we can achieve. As all the acreage continues to be planted, these new cacao plants will begin to yield cacao in approximately 5 years from planting. We will be doing cocoa and chocolate processing in both Belize and Chicago. You will be able to take a course in how to make any of the crops grown on property, from plucking the pods with a machete to deciding the roast temperature of your beans.

Belize field The Root to Bar Quest

I look forward to keeping you updated and eventually inviting you down and sharing a taste of this chocolate that will be grown, roasted and created in Belize by Vosges H-C!

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3 Responses to “The Root to Bar Quest”

  1. Amy says:

    What a beautiful growth and realization of your vision. Please keep us abreast of this. I am looking forward to visiting in a few years!

  2. Arsh Jami says:

    Salut to you Katrina! This is a true demonstration of leadership and sincerity through actions, and not just words and slogans.
    Please keep us fans of Vosges-Haut Chocolat posted of how this admirable project is going.


  3. Aprilia says:

    I agree with Velouria. I also liked this bit “It’s that feeling of cecnonting while doing something fun and enjoyable, when you feel most like a version of yourself that you like. “Utterly true. And its like a stage of self-realisation (and happiness) when you realise this. And make your present more delightful and fun, and don’t spend all your time planning short exotic breaks to ‘get away’. As we come to realise how long-haul travel can be so damaging to the environment, we need more of this thinking and be able to get others to realise this too!

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