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The Chocolate Laboratory of Beverly Hills

Beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, funnels, balances, scales, distillation equipment, pipettes and droppers. It is time for the chemistry student inside me to fully unite with my present day chocolate activist.

In mid-September, we are opening a new boutique in Beverly Hills and I am thrilled to announce that it will feature a Chocolate Lab fit for a High Priestess. I have long experimented in my various kitchens, but it is time to bring my chocolate meanderings, Practical Magic wannabe, mess-ups and un-thinkables public.

Though I can’t be there full time, I will plan to spend a number of weeks a year in Los Angeles so I can feel the west coast vibe, utilize the chocolate lab for my R & D projects and find a general escape to ponder my next move.

Our Beverly Hills/West Coast manager, Hayley, is also a pastry chef specializing in vegan creations and a veteran of famed Millenium in San Franciso. In my absence, she will ensure that the flow of creation is strong. Expect to see more hemp and brazil nut milk in the fridge (definitely not soy).

Our opening menu includes exotic chocolate bars wrapped in croissant dough to aromatize freshly baked pain au chocolat, cacao beans roasting before your very eyes and glassware of all shapes and sizes filled with chocolate concoctions, spices and distillates. This is just a sneak peek, hope to see you soon.

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12 Responses to “Chocolate Lab – Beverly Hills Boutique”

  1. salette says:

    Thank you SO much for coming to LA!!! no more going to Vegas for a rootbeer float or hot bianca!!

  2. H.C. says:

    Yessss! No longer need to shlep an ice chest to the Vegas Purple House…

  3. Diane Higgs says:


    As I struggle with my new business, I am glad to see your continued expansion. Plus, I love chocolate–I am a fanatic! Congrats again!

  4. Sam Vieira says:

    So happy to see you finally made it to LA. I remember my first visit to your Chicago boutique years ago and how I encouraged the fantastically friendly employees behind the counter to consider opening a house in Beverly Hills. Very pleased to see its become a reality. Welcome to the coast!

  5. Dawn Norman says:

    My husband and I are heart-filled fans of your concept, your passion, and your product and we’re thrilled to see you expand!!! We hope that you don’t ever leave us in Chicago though. We frequent your Armitage location often and it’s such a treat to see what you conceive each time! Congratulations! You are a visionary and a hard worker and you deserve all of the success in the world!!!

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