Strawberry Nectarine Geranium Cocktails

Peace, Love and Chocolate Video Debut

I am through the moon with excitement to post my first video on Peace, Love and Chocolate. The feeling of video, recipe and music can be much stronger than the human voice alone and I think this will be my new language for some time to come. How better can one taste online than with seductive mood-wrangling through color, movement and song.  This soft, glowing recipe-in-action happened almost by accident and without any planning and no makeup or fashion styling, aiyei. The energy of a handful of people collided to create this small moving picture.

A month or so ago, Caroline was on her way over to collaborate on some blog posts as we often do. I pulled my big table into the morning light and began collecting some of my favorite items – old bottles, liquor tags, Kentucky antique finds, bar tools and ingredients from my garden. My plan was to create some pretty photographs and share a recipe for Strawberry Nectarine Geranium Cocktails. But, Caroline didn’t show up alone. She brought with her a recent DePaul graduate who studied video, Miss Christina.

I must mention that we discovered this talented gal, Christina, through our Twitter account (@Vosges) when we tweeted a request for someone to take videos of a Yoga + Chocolate event. Her friend who follows @Vosges suggested Christina. Caroline, who helps manage our marketing, met her and made her own video and then decided she should tag along that fateful day to see what might happen at my house.

We went about our normal business – cooking, laughing, sipping, experimenting. All the while, Christina quietly shot video in the most beautiful sun-washed light. I started by concocting a few simple syrups infused with African blue basil and cocoa nibs. The unique basil reminds me of yet another sprinkle of unplanned magic. I sent my sweet husband, Jay, to buy  some organic herbs for our new rooftop garden. I would likely have come home with Italian or Thai basil but he snooped out more rare leaves – African blue basil a robust strong basil with notes of camphor and mini Cuban basil that is a stronger more potent version of sweet basil.

From there, the video was edited, and a seemingly effortless collaboration continued and my first video was born! Stay tuned for an expanding sensory video library both on this blog and at Vosges. Follow us on Vimeo here and track our budding YouTube channel here.

Strawberry Nectarine Geranium Cocktails

2 cups water
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup cocoa nibs
2 large strands with flowers of African blue basil
4 oz Campari
1 fresh nectarine
4 strawberries
4 large ice cubes
1 cup soda water
geranium petals

Make simple syrup by combining 1 part sugar to 1 part boiling water, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Infuse simple syrup with cocoa nibs, basil or experiment with your own herbal tincture! In a rocks glass, muddle fresh, juicy nectarines and strawberries. Add a splash of Campari, large ice cubes and top with soda water. Sprinkle organic geranium petals atop for garnish.

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