Vials and Trials

scotch vials Vials and Trials

Another sneak peek at the early stages of creation~ My chemistry background and love is tickled by the sight of vials, beakers and flasks. My mind begins to scheme the formulas that will infuse the palate. The collection I am currently working on is especially for the fellas just in time for the day of fathers. Can you guess what is in each of these amber-colored vials?

Did you say Scotch? Then, you are correct. I am working on a scotch, bourbon, American whiskey, stout and caramel collection that will debut this summer. My inspiration is primarily charged by memories of my grandfather, Kiril, or as I called him – Dedo. He was a colorful character, full of life. He always had a joke or a tall tale to tell.

Dedo Vials and Trials

Dedo could be found donning hats and colorful plaid sports jackets. On the golf course with his buddies, he was always razzing the guys and in the saloon he owned, he revved up the crowd. My grandfather was particularly known for his music. His famed trumpet-playing was a huge inspiration for me and a big part of the story behind the caramels I am currently creating. Stay tuned…

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  1. Carrie Zampich says:

    Dedo was an amazing man. I can still hear his answering maching messages in my head. “Katrina! This is Dedo!” He would be so proud of you!

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